About Focus Asset Management, LLC v- Your Qualified Independent Cosigners

Focus Asset Management is a leading integrated firm that provides qualified individuals and families an affordable solution in obtaining their new home through the Qualified Independent Mortgage Co-Signing process.

Company Overview

Focus Asset Management’s operational excellence, financial strength, dedication to customer service and commitment to providing a solution for the residential homeowner have positioned the firm as the industry leader in the Qualified Independent Co-Signing housing market.

Our Core Values

We are guided and driven by our company’s core values.  Being accountable for the results is something our clients can always count on.  We set the standard in the Qualified Independent Cosigning Industry and act only with integrity and professionalism throughout the entire process.  We are consistently passionate and accessible for every client, and are instantly able to adapt and positively change in the pursuit of our client’s success.  We serve as a trusted partner and resource for a wide variety of residential home owners and are committed to providing superior customer service.

Why Choose Focus Asset Management

  • Our #1 priority is you, the client
  • We work diligently to structure your cosigning process to ensure a smooth and on-time closing of your home.
  • Focus Asset Management has a large diversified network of lenders and an internal funding line that maximizes our ability to get your mortgage loan approved.
  • Focus Asset Management is the leader in the Qualified Independent Cosigning arena and is dedicated to the success of its QIC division.

To find out how we can help you with your mortgage needs,
apply online or contact a QIC Advisor at 1(855) 411-6946

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