The Qualified Independent Cosigning Process

Buying a home is a complicated process.  You go through the daunting process of paper work, assume you’ve got what it takes to make it all the way through to the closing process, and then at the final moment you find out you are going to need a cosigner to get the job done.

That’s where we come in. The QIC (Qualified Independent Cosigning)process is a three phase simple approach to get you in to your home.

Phase One: The Qualification Process
The qualification process is our own internal criteria that need to be met before we can move forward with you as a client.  Whether you’re already engaged in the application process with your financial institution and/or you need Focus Asset Management to align you with one of our qualified lenders, all of the pre-qualifying paperwork will have to be submitted, reviewed, and the ultimately approved by a QIC Advisor in order to move on to phase two.

Phase Two: Securing Your Lender/Mortgage
You have submitted all of the documents requested by Focus Asset Management and we have established that you have met all of the criteria and standards needed to move on to securing your mortgage.  Once all of the necessary documents are reviewed by you and your contract is signed with Focus Asset Management we move you rapidly through the process and get you immediately in front of the lenders to get the mortgage secured.  Our closing rate in unmatched because we understand and know exactly what the financial institutions are looking for in order for a final approval.

Phase Three:  Closing The Deal
This is the day you have been waiting for!  We have moved through phase one and phase two, the banks are satisfied with all of the documents provided and now it’s time to move onto the closing and get you in to the home of your dreams.  Sound too simple?  It is!  With Focus Asset Management we ensure the job is done way before we even get to the bank or mortgage lender.  We have done this hundreds of times and have perfect a process that gets our clients the results they desire quickly.

Contact one of our QIC Advisors today and let Focus Asset Management
put you in the home of your dreams.

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